Approach to Handling a Death

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Registering a death

All deaths must be registered within eight days of the date of passing

It's never easy to deal with a death but the following information will guide you through some of the legalities. Remember, a funeral cannot take place until the death has been registered. You can register a death at any Registration Office in Scotland.

Please find details below for the local registration office in Stranraer. A list of all registration offices in Scotland can be found here.

Stranraer Registry Office

The Library
North Strand Street
Phone: 030 33 33 3004

Please find details below for the local registration office in Newton Stewart.

Newton Stewart Registry Office

The Library
Church Street
Newton Stewart
Phone: 030 33 33 3004

Registration by appointment only. During the COVID-19 restrictions, registrations are not done face to face, but by telephone.

A useful form detailing the information required at the time of registration is available here.

Who can register?

  • Any relative of the deceased
  • Any person present at the death
  • The deceased’s executor or other legal representative
  • The occupier at the time of death of the premises where the death took place, for example, nursing home manager
  • If there is no one as above, anyone who knows the details of the person, for example, a neighbour

Documents to give the registrar

  • The medical certificate of cause of death (Form 11) given to you by the doctor or medical staff (now being emailed direct to registrar by doctors after the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • The deceased’s birth certificate (if available)
  • The deceased’s marriage or civil partnership certificate (if available)
  • The deceased’s medical card (if this is not available, you can get the NHS number from the person’s medical practice)

Documents the registrar will give you once completed

  • Certificate of registration of death (Form 14) will be emailed directly from the registrar to us
  • Form BD8 to tell the Department for Work and Pensions about the death
  • An abbreviated certificate (extract) which is free
  • A full certificate (if required, more can be purchased at the time or later for £10.00)

Tell Us Once

This is a service used to notify government departments including Department for Work and Pensions and different services in the council.

To use the service please also bring along these documents, if you have them:

  • National Insurance Number
  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Blue Badge

Further information on what to do after a death in Scotland is available from the Scottish Government by clicking here.

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