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Funeral Poems

Find the perfect tribute for a loved one

In the delicate and emotional process of saying a final farewell to a loved one, finding the right funeral poem can offer solace and a poignant expression of shared sentiments.

The search for the perfect words to honor and remember a cherished individual can be a comforting journey amidst grief. Funeral poems have the unique ability to capture the essence of a person's life, reflecting on their legacy and the impact they had on those around them. Whether it's a heartfelt verse, a classic piece of literature, or even a personalised creation, choosing a funeral poem becomes a way to weave the threads of memory into a tapestry of remembrance, providing a source of comfort and reflection during a challenging time.

Below is a selection of heart felt poems, please feel free to download one for your own use.

A Fallen Limb
A Miner Stood At The Pearly Gates
A Very Special Mum
Ae Fond Kiss
An Alzheimers Poem - 1
An Alzheimers Poem - 2
An Alzheimers Poem - 3
Because He Lived
By Herself and Her Friends
Close The Gate
Come With Me
Crossing Over
Death Is Nothing At All
Deep Peace Of The Running Wave To You
Do Not Stand By My Grave And Weep
Don't Cry For Me
Farewell my love
Feel No Guilt In Laughter
Feel No Guilt In Laughter (HE)
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Footprints in the Sand
Gifts Of Bread And Wine
God saw you getting tired 4 verse
Happy The Man
He Is Gone
Her Journey has just begun
High Flight
His Journey Has Just Begun
I Am Free
If I should die before the rest of you
If I Should Go
If Tears Could Build A Stairway
Keep My Memory
Legacy Of Love
Let Me Go
Look For Me In Rainbows
Memories - Grandad
Miss Me But Let Me Go
No Night Without
Oh Dont Feel Guilty
One Mother
Please Shed No Tears When I Have Gone
Poem To My Son
Quiet Thoughts Of Me
She Is Gone
Take That Jump
The Broken Chain
The Final Flight
Time Will Spare No Witness
To My Dear Family
To Those I Love And Those Who Love Me
We Had No Time To Say Goodbye
We've Known Lots Of Pleasure
When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple
When I Am Gone
Where Do They Go To
You Never Said I

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